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Download descendants of the sun complete eng sub with. The following books were scanned and published as pdf with official permission from eric dollard. It might not be the first thought that pops in to your head but a conspiracy theorist is claiming that this picture proves our sun is, in fact, hollow. For those that did not, i am beyond sad to report that stephen howell, founder of hollow sun, unfortunately passed away on may 31st, 2014, in the early hours of the morning, at 56 years of age.

Quite a bit has been released in the past about his methods but in this new presentation, he discloses previously classified information. Now you can read the prologue and first two chapters of the hollow sun. Feedback is our weekly column of bizarre stories, implausible advertising claims, confusing instructions and more. He says a lot of very interesting things about our sun and earth the sun is hollow and dose not have fusion going on in it, it is only a surface, it only has a surface with.

Dollards magnifying transmitter, taken at the integration in the summer of 1986. And the earth pulls away at a cirtian speed as well because of a little thing called cintrifical force, so wile the sun is pulling earth towards it the speed and mass of earth are pulling away from it. Sun emits huge solar flare, burst of plasma cbs news. The sun is hollow jeffrey j wolynski january 18, 20 jeffrey. Aether force for those who still think eric dollard can. To eric dollard for being the first one in this generation to truly understand nikola teslas work with impulse.

Eric dollard has 30 years experience in this specific field of predicting earthquakes by analyzing the earths electrical signals. If i ever get a chance to buy the rest of the series, then im going to do my best to do so. I read some of the words, but the best part is the video included on the page. Nansens and several other 19th century explorers accounts of the land beyond the poles. Cause now im moving on, yeah im moving on and theres a place that ive dreamed of where i can free my mind i hear the sounds of the season and lose all sense of time im moving far away to a sunny place where its just you and me feels like were in a dream you know what i mean the summer air by the seaside the way it fills our lungs the fire burns in the night sky this life will keep us. For those not familiar with the hollow sun theory it suggests the sun is actually much younger. Eric dollard general theory of telluric electric wave transmission and reception. Recently, i did a simple test recommended by eric dollard on the rotary electrostatic converter built by chris carson. You have seen many posts here about the earth being hollow with a sun inside it, well now here is eric dollard saying the actual sun is in fact hollow aswell. The only man since tesla who replicated teslas wireless transmission technology.

Either click here, or click on the hollow sun sneak peek in the learn more menu. Eric dollard is the only man known to be able to accurately. The torrent sun boilers oil or natural gas are particularly suitable for buildings or sites with restricted area approx. Since the fusion model of the solar interior has been extensively falsified and it is. That strange old guy eric dollard has it exactly right. At this point in history, the sun shone upon this system of communication with disfavor. Eric dier wants to quit tottenham along with kyle walker and danny rose with both manchester clubs circling spurs trio have had their heads turned by potential offers to. It goes against the religion of mainstream scientific physics to suggest it, but alternative scientists such as eric dollard assert that there is no inside structure to the sun, and that its a hollow shell. Rich robinson is a prolific mferthis guy never stops and is always putting out high quality music. Just as others choose to believe in a particular religion, scientific theory, or sociopolitical dogma. He offers a chance for redemption to the troublemaking teen descendants. The first site that it found was one with the title free planet and the article was the sun is hollow.

I did a simple test recommended by eric dollard on the rotary electrostatic converter built by chris carson. Eric dollard is an electrical engineer and mathematician who probably knows more about how the public utility grid works than 99% of the engineers who actually work for the utility companies. Sun secrets is an album by the eric burdon band recorded in 1973 and released in december 1974 it includes some rerecording of songs, with which lead singer eric burdon topped the charts a few years before. This video is for educational purposes only absolutely no money is. The xclass solar flare considered the most powerful category of sun storm erupted tuesday from a sunspot called active region 2339 ar2339, peaking at. He is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert. The band included aalon butler on guitar, randy rice on bass and alvin taylor on drums. I worked for a billionaire clientfriend at the time i met eric. Armonite is a band based in pavia, italy that got their start during 1996. Now earth orbits the sun at this speed because the sun exerts a certain amount of gravitational pull on it. I have been watching the whole eric dollard story go down for about 7 years. Eric dollard say earth is hollow with a sun if you are having a hard time believing that the earth is hollow and has a central sun, well here an interview with eric p dollard considered a modern day tesla, speaking of it. The sun is hollow and a veil with no internal structure, with contiguous granules on its surface 2.

They can be installed in almost any location as the boiler is delivered in elements for assembly in the boiler room. His historic work on longitudinal wireless signal propagation is legendary, and his mathematical expansion of the work of charles steinmetz is. The band features paolo fosso and jacopo bigi two classically trained musicians. Rich robinson through a crooked sun releases discogs. When they were teenagers, they joined local bands and explored a variety of music genres and artists, such as the beatles and dream theater. The sun cannot be seen in free space without interaction of gross matter which enables conversion to visible light 4. Eric dollard condensed intro to tesla transformers. This reddit is for celebrating and sharing the knowledge of our hollow earth. As a very young child i used to stare into the sun thinking that i was certain that there were people in it and they knew what i was thinking. In fairness, the results might be unpredictable and chaotic but theyre a good starting point for. Eric dollard claims that the vast majority of tesla societies are dis information fronts.

For those who still think eric dollard can be helped here is a letter i just received from a former patron of his. Has anyone looked into the evidence for one of the biggest of all conspiracy theories, the hollow earth. Eric dollard give his perspective of the universe and how it works specifically the sun and planets. He roughly states that, the sun is merely a converter of energy from other dimensions, not a. The various testimonies are compelling and surprisingly there is actually plenty of. Sorry if this has already been posted i like this mans mind. Download descendants of the sun complete eng sub with special episodes torrent or any other torrent from category. Descendants 1 hours and 52 minutes movie 2015 in presentday auradon, ben, the teenage son of king adam and queen belle, is poised to take the throne. Eric dollard secrets of the sun completed and decoded. That strange old guy eric dollard has it exactly right concerning the sun.

As the sun sets off in the distant horizon, it seemingly disappears. Symbolic representation of alternating electric waves. Things behind the sun by jon durant on amazon music. I have often thought the sun was hollow or a black hole. Get a special offer and listen to over 60 million songs, anywhere with amazon music unlimited.

Who ever could i know all about the alliance between the sun and the silence and the way theyll destroy all of you i cannot save you now i have taken my vow i have promised the sun not to say a word you have all had your chance but youd never understand that i was right and you were wrong and its too late now ive chosen side with the sun and the silence to always shine and always glow to. Eric dollard is an electrical engineer who is a living legend in the field of electrical research. This particular book is a compilation of those papers specific to electrical engineering terminology, definitions and basic continue reading lone pine writings. The real me, ring of fire and dont let me be misunderstood were released as singles. Eric dollard on the nature of the sun thunderbolts. Shoot for the sun 1986 lowlifes act out the pecking order of the drug culture in edinburgh, scotland. Most of you have probably already witnessed the news on one of the musicrelated forum boards i posted.

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