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A beginners guide to grid references os getoutside. Before moving on to four figure grid references, it is best to learn alphanumeric grid references to become familiar with the concept. Sixfigure grid references year six the final lesson, lesson six, is aimed at year six pupils. Geography sixfigure grid reference christmas treasure hunt worksheet. Treasure map grid reference worksheet with images map.

Since the map is a new edition map and uses the mga reference system, the sixdigit grid reference is hilltop mga477060. On a 6figure grid reference the last digit refers to a tenth of the distance between the 1km grid reference lines. Students should each be provided a map and then use this worksheet to learn about the title, grid, scale, legend or key, and direction of a map. A six figure grid references splits a grid square up into ten sections along the bottom and the side. Map symbols worksheet complete the worksheet measuring distances worksheet complete the worksheet four and six figure grid references complete the worksheet. This mapping activity looks at plotting mexicos cities on to a map of mexico. Fourfigure grid reference christmas treasure hunt worksheet. The questions in this quiz are based on the grid square seen below. You can either select the table you want to focus on or choose all tables. Worksheets are six figure grid references, year 7 map skills revision, 4 figure grid references, name subject year 3 geography date unit investigating, contents, picture detectives, the grid reference game, gcse geography b. Icse 2020 topography ii icse 2020 geography class 10 topography ii icse topography duration.

Inside each box, imagine 10 tick marks along the eastings and. In order to obtain an 8 figure grid reference, you need to carry out the. In this case, the tourist information office is in grid square 4733. There are fully animated slides illustrating how to find out grid references. Some of the worksheets displayed are six figure grid references, year 7 map skills revision, 4 figure grid references, chapter 4 lesson specifications course title green star, name subject year 3 geography date unit investigating, map skills in geography a t key st age 3, picture detectives, the. Displaying all worksheets related to 6 figure grid references. Glaciation map work powerpoint cairngorms map exercise 2008 for groups 1, 2. The grid square has been further subdivided for your. Objective to be able to locate places and features on a map using 6 figure grid references.

This maths game uses a multiplication grid to help you to learn your times tables. Easter math worksheet easter egg map with grid references. Fourandsix figure grid references worksheet challenge about this resource. This is my own made up version of battleships that my grade 3s have been using to consolidate their knowledge of grid. Six figure grid references displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept some of the worksheets for this concept are six figure grid references, year 7 map skills revision, 4 figure grid references, chapter 4 lesson specifications course title green star, name subject year 3 geography date unit investigating, map skills in geography a t key st age 3. You begin the same way, with the grid zone designator, but there it is different. In order to give something a sixfigure grid reference, imagine the larger square split into one hundred smaller squares. The mgrs system allows users to abbreviate the digit utm coordinate, making it easier to use. The four figure grid reference is always given for the bottom left hand corner of the square the south west corner and you always write the eastings before the northings hint. Whether you are using a landranger map or an explorer map, the way you do grid references is exactly the same.

A 6figure grid reference contains 6 numbers which gives us an even more precise location inside the box given by the 4figure number. When giving directions you can provide even more accuracy to your grid reference by stating a nearby landmark or feature. Theres a lovely treasure map on the worksheet, and they need to use the map grid references to answer the questions. Look at the number of this grid line and add it to the twodigit number you already have. It is particularly appropriate to pupils achieving level 4. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category 6 figure grid reference. Easter egg map a answers what is the grid reference of each easter egg. For example, on the bembridge os explorer map i am at grid reference sz 644 874, at the crossroads. Eight figure grid references really require a larger scale than this.

The hill lies on a grid line meaning that for a sixdigit grid reference, the easting has to include a zero at the end. Four figure grid references locate a grid square usually 1 km square on a map. Rivers question sheet pdf for use with map extract. Task 1 study the grid below and watch carefully how a whole grid can be split up into 10. The image above shows one grid square with a four figure grid reference of 1844. Four and sixfigure grid references worksheet word sixfigure grid references made easy. However they are considerably more difficult than letternumber coordinates. Dec 9, 2018 heres a fun but challenging worksheet for older kids, to help them practise map reading skills. How to take a 6figure grid reference with steve backshall and ordnance survey youtube. Worksheets are 4 figure grid references, year 7 map skills revision, six figure grid references, quick guide to grid references, how to interpret 8 digit gr id references, contents, picture detectives, year 7 revision booklet. Activities fourfigure grid references are the easier of the grid references. Use this 6 figure grid reference worksheet to assess map skills.

Christmas sixfigure grid reference worksheets geography. River devon map extract pdf for use with question sheet. Through this lessons teaching and activity, pupils develop their ability to use ordnance survey maps. There are good mobile apps that can provide a 6, 8 or 10 figure grid reference. To find out more, check out the lesson with the title grid references. By doing this, you can pinpoint locations within the square these are called sixfigure grid references. Task 2 use activinspire to overlay an annotation board. Displaying all worksheets related to four figure grid references. A geography skills resource to help students learn how to read and find six figure grid references. It is important to be able to both find details given by a 6 figure grid reference as well as being able to work out the 6 figure grid reference for any point on the map. Click the link below to download the chapter notes in pdf format.

Bring christmas cheer to the classroom with this themed treasure hunt activity to test understanding of sixfigure grid references. Military grid reference system mgrs the mgrs system was designed to simplify the specification of position and passing of coordinates for soldiers and marines. Download the free pdf resource free members and subscribers see other resources. Ensure that you have acessed the resource six figure grid references to be certain that you are adequately prepared for this quiz. Six figure grid references are used to pin point a location within a square. A b c d e f g h i 1 2 d2 3 a3 4 g4 5 b5 h5 6 7 g7 h7 8 i8 9 a9 f9 g9 how many easter eggs. We can give the exact location of this a by giving a six figure grid reference. An 8 figure grid reference consists of 2 groups of 4 numbers eastings and northings. How to take a 6figure grid reference with steve backshall and ordnance survey duration.

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