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Interfaces and their protocol stacks lte and beyond tech. The physical layer itself maintains the continuous connection model, especially on the downlink, where there is continuous transmission. Radio protocols for lte and lte advanced download ebook. Lte and lte advanced wiley online books wiley online library. Mhz to 20 mhz, ltesae to provide up to four times the spectral efficiency of hsdpa release 6 deliver peak user data rates ranging up to 173 mbps and reduce latency as low as 10 ms leverage flat allip network architecture leverage a new air interface to significantly cut permbyte. Pdf the lte radio interface key characteristics and performance. Lte air interface free download as powerpoint presentation.

Introduction to 4g lte air interface 42890 l4 duration. Plus, lte has support for scalable bandwidth, from 1. Long term evolution lte is the next step forward in cellular 3g services. Pdf lte air interface training manual figures figures fadi. Lte air interface protocols request pdf researchgate. The protocols over lte uu and s1 interfaces are divided into two groups. Fddlte air interface protocol telecom knowledge and. Commonalities and difference in tdd and fdd tdd and fdd modes commonalities tdd and fdd modes differences regarding the air interface 1. Modeling lte protocol for mobile terminals using a formal description technique. Lteuu interface air interface of eutran based on ofdma in downlink and sc fdma in uplink fdd and tdd dupl ex methods scalablebandwid th1.

Protocol states and mobility one of the main lte advantages is minimizing number of states transitions that led to huge saving in processor load. Lteadvanced air interface technology, zhang, xincheng, zhou. Lte signaling, troubleshooting and performance measurement. The access to these services is through the use of a transport channel via the mac sublayer. Provides a unique focus on radio protocols for lte andlteadvanced ltea giving readers a valuable understanding of lte radio protocols,this book covers lte longterm evolution layer 23 radioprotocols as well as. The lte air interface physical layer offers data transport services to higher layers. This factsheet provides an overview of the new lte air interface, its future. The protocols used in the air interface, from the viewpoint of the mobile. Aug 11, 2009 utran interfaces are the most important point to start learning about the whole system. Summary introduction to wireless lte 4g architecture and key. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Jan 08, 2012 interfaces and their protocol stacks after familiarising with main network elements, time has come to better know interfaces between those elements. Multimode lte module ec20 series is the new generation of quectels lte modules.

Rrc is the protocol that is used for communication between ue and enb. Physical layer carries all information from the mac transport channels over the air interface. Interfaces are allowing mme, sgw and pgw cooperating with other network elements e. The main requirements for the new access network are high spectral efficiency, high peak data rates, short round trip time as well as flexibility in frequency and bandwidth. This paper provides detailed coverage of the air interface technologies and protocols that survived the analysis of the highly sophisticated technology evaluation process typically used in the lte. In telecommunication, longterm evolution lte is a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals, based on the gsmedge and umtshspa technologies. The entire lte system is specified by a large number of 3gpp working groups which oversee everything from the air interface to the protocol stack and the infrastructure network. Much of the lte standard addresses the upgrading of 3g umts to what will eventually be 4g mobile communications technology. This site is like a library, use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. Mohammad kawser and others published lte air interface protocols find.

Click download or read online button to get radio protocols for lte and lte advanced book now. Lte interfaces and protocols telecommunications blog. Lte a can aggregate up to 5 carriers to make up to 100 mhz 4. Lte air interface course description with the introduction of lte came the development of a new radio technology based on ofdma scfdma. The robustness of the downlink control channels against poor channel quality is. It can be seen that the nas signaling uses the services of rrc, which is then mapped into pdcp. Gsmonly mobile stations mss will be connected to the network via the gsm air radio interface um.

It delivers powerenhanced performance and m2moptimized speeds of 10mbits downlink and 5mbits uplink, and features lowpower, lowcost lte connectivity. Provides a unique focus on radio protocols for lte and lte advanced lte a giving readers a valuable understanding of lte radio protocols, this book covers lte longterm evolution layer 23 radio protocols as well as new features including lte advanced. Lte long term evolution or the eutran evolved universal terrestrial access network, introduced in 3gpp r8, is the access part of the evolved packet system eps. Lte a meets and exceeds all requirements for 4g as specified in imtadvanced. Pdcp maps the upperlayer protocol characteristics to the lowerlayer air interface protocol characteristics and thus enables the lte protocol to bear ip packets between ue and enode b through transparent transmission provides for the upper layer. This nas layer terminates at mme and enb shall silently pass the nas messages to mme. Explain the lte sae quality of service and security. Radio protocols for lte and lte advanced pdf download. Oct 30, 2015 this extensively updated second edition of lte signaling, troubleshooting and performance measurement describes the lte signaling protocols and procedures for the third generation of mobile communications and beyond. Long term evolution protocol overview nxp semiconductors. The framework for the lte advanced air interface technology is mostly determined by the use of wider bandwidths, potentially even up to 100 mhz, noncontiguous spectrum deployments, also. Below is a more ellaborated diagram of eutran protocol stack.

Lte, lteadvanced, sae, volte and 4g mobile communications. Lte is now the dominant air interface technology across the united states and is seeing rapid adoption in. Lte and the evolution to 4g wireless download ebook pdf. Utran interface between rnc and the packetswitched domain of the cn iu ps is used for ps data and the utran interface between rnc and the circuitswitched domain of the cn iucs is used for cs data.

Introduction in the current universal mobile telecommunications system umtshsxpa specifications, systems are capable of supporting high speed packet access for both downlink up to 14 mbps and uplink up to 5. This paper focuses on protocols specified by ran2, a. Radio protocols for lte and lte advanced download ebook pdf. This paper provides detailed coverage of the airinterface technologies and protocols that survived the analysis of the highly sophisticated technology evaluation process typically used in the lte. This document presents the lte network architecture as the first technical document of lte area. Air interface protocols ppt free download as pdf file. Umts interfaces protocols on different interfaces standard numbers and links to the different standards.

A significant underlying feature of lte advanced will be the flexible spectrum usage. Provides a unique focus on radio protocols for lte andlteadvanced lte a giving readers a valuable understanding of lte radio protocols,this book covers lte longterm evolution layer 23 radioprotocols as well as. It increases the capacity and speed using a different radio interface together with core network improvements. The lte network called eps evolved packet system is an endtoend e2e all ip network. Furthermore the existing lte positioning protocol annex lppa was enhanced to. The radio protocol architecture for lte can be separated into control plane architecture and user plane architecture as shown below at user plane side, the application creates data packets that are processed by protocols such as tcp, udp and ip, while in the control plane, the radio resource control rrc protocol writes the signalling messages that are exchanged between the base station and. Lte a has frequency reuse factor of 1 since spectrum is expensive, uses highorder mimo. Download lte and the evolution to 4g wireless or read online books in pdf, epub, tuebl, and mobi format. In this tutorial you can learn the following topics. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading lte advanced air interface technology.

Overview of lte and lte advanced new features 151 7. Takes care of the link adaptation amc, power control, cell search. Figure 23 illustrates the radio interface protocol stacks. This paper presents some key characteristics of the lte radio interface, including physical layer and radio resource management. Nov 21, 2016 discussion of lte related protocols, including sae, pdcp, rlc. The physical layer is expected to perform the following functions in order to provide the data transport service. Click download or read online button to get lte and the evolution to 4g wireless book now.

Other layers above tnl are not related with the air interface. This enhanced bts provides the lte air interface and performs radio resource management for the evolved access system. Lets have a close look at all the layers available in eutran protocol stack which we have seen in previous chapter. Architecture of the lte air interface wiley telecom books. The first is the new enhanced base station, so called evolved nodeb enodeb per 3gpp standards.

Lte advanced air interface technology kindle edition by zhang, xincheng, zhou, xiaojin. A typical ltesae network will have two types of network elements supporting the user and control planes. Same radio interface schemes for both uplink and downlink ofdm and scfdma 2. Explain the x2s1 interface, x2aps1ap and gtp c protocols.

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