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Interceptor and launch it with dosbox to have the best playing experience. Players command grav tank units, infantry squads, orbital and conventional artillery, and space defense installations in this game of tactical ground warfare. A game of conventional, and unconventional, ground warfare in the year 6830. This is a very useful tool which will alow you to create maps for use in renegade legion centurion, legatus, or even prefect with a flittle bit of work. I started doing it because i had a load of the plastic tanks from the cohort boxes and couldnt use more than 12 platoons in the main game. Included in a separate book is extensive background information on the ground forces and technology of the terran overlord government, the commonwealth, and the renegade legion. Renegade legion the human legion book 3, continues the mediocre and increasingly inane series, authored by mr. Nov 06, 2018 the thing that i found out recently, and could explain some inconsistencies in the game line, but it was revealed a few years ago that renegade legion was supposedly an attempt by fasa to get the star wars license from lucasfilm, which ultimately went to west end games. Because the harbringers of death is known to this day as. Interceptor, a really nice strategy game sold in 1990 for dos, is available and ready to be played again. In this system, weapons do differing styles of damage, and each weapon has a unique damage template that is applied to a units armour, which is also changed in layout to account for this. I was rummaging through some old boxes and rediscovered my stash of renegade legion centurion stuff. Renegade legion is a series of science fiction games that were designed by sam lewis, produced by fasa, and published from 1989 to 1993.

Alternate download site 2nd acr centurion commonwealth. These pdf files are provided for those of you who have need backups of your supplements but cannot obtain a second original copy as the game is now out of print. Renegade legion by is part of our full inventory collection. The game involves antigrav chariots being pulled by carnivorous beasts, with the object of the game to defeat the other racers, usually by knocking them out of the race or getting them eaten by the.

Not sure what my plans are with the product line but once i complete my astral travel vacation to mars and take my n. My take on the oncementioned and never again seen or heard from zeus. Renegade legion centurion vehicle construction questions. The second edition of centurion replaced these with plastic miniatures. The background centers on the commonwealths fight to resist the terran overlord governments campaign to conquer the entire galaxy, one planet at a time. Choose between singleplayer and twoplayer hotseat, and create. Adaptation of the board game from fasa, the game offers a space fighter phased combat, in both skirmish and a campaign mode. Both of us agreed that the centurion and interceptor game mechanics were very good and highly innovative, even by todays standards. Hello everyone, i just dug out my renegade legion books, centurion, interceptor, leviathan plus briefing manuals. The shapes are crossed off a few columns of boxes on the tanks vehicle. Download renegade legion interceptor at xtcabandonware.

You can play as either side, the terran overlord goverment or the commwealth rebels. Thrill at the game designed to be compatible with a bunch of other games. Grav tanks, bounce infantry amazon try prime books. Renegade legion centurion blood and steel core rules. Centurion is a game of ground warfare set in the renegade legion universe of 6830. Did quite a few ships, fighters, and vehicles for my own gaming group, including this gem. Dec 19, 2005 centurion is a game of tactical ground warfare set in the renegade legion universe of 6830, published by fasa corporation in 1991. Add to cart the 379th legion the harbringers of death is one of the most renowned units in the terran overlord government military. Renegade legion centurion spartius 15mm by dcleyne. Renegade legion interceptor by 1990also foramigadeveloped bystrategic simulations, inc. If there are any major problems mail me and ill see what i can do for you.

A quick overview of the tank miniatures and additional miniatures and supplements available for this renegade legion game. Cavehermit folder renegade legion file 2nd armored calvary regiment. Shop at noble knight games for renegade legion by part of our full inventory collection. Centurion is a game of tactical ground warfare set in the renegade legion universe of 6830, published by fasa corporation in 1991. Cavehermit folder renegade legion file 2nd armored. Renegade legion centurion liberator medium grav tank 15mm scale roughly 1. My take on the oncementioned and never again seen or heard from zeus class battlecruiser tog interceptor briefing. Marvel at page after page of legion construction flowchart. The centurion technical update contains newly introduced battlefield weapons, vehicles, and equipment for use with centurion. Cads dark conspiracy zombies of the bayou gurps holdup at the memory bank renegade legion hoplite infantry assault carrier shadowrun in the name of finland space. Jan 20, 2014 a quick overview of the tank miniatures and additional miniatures and supplements available for this renegade legion game. Renegade legion interceptor is a strategy game from strategic simulations inc. The game had strong sales, but the retirements in fasa, saw the shelving or outright sale of many of its licenses. A page for fans of the tog and commonwealth to share information and ideas pertaining to the renegade legion series of games.

Aug 16, 2009 heres some stats from a document i found when i was going to start dirtside. All members in good standing are free to post here. I found the starter box for fasas renegade legion centurion when going through some old stuff. Centurion was obtained via waynes books, while the supplements were. Paging through rules for centurion i came across the vehicle construction sequence and flipped through the centurion vehicle briefing guide. This is further modified by adding my luck and iq together, for a 16, and dividing it by 8.

The line was then licensed to nightshift games, a spinoff of the garage company crunchy frog enterprises by paul arden lidberg, which published one scenario book, a gaming aid, and three issues of a fanzinequality periodical before reverting the license. My thoughts and memories on the renegade legion universe. They also became the first all male unit in the tog forces. Legatus is a java project to enable networked multiplayer play of the four main renegade legion systems. Grav tanks, bounce infantry, hell rounds, thor bombardment satellites, and orbital fire support are all part of this highly mobile, tacticsbased airland battle of the future. If youre a fan of the game, ready your emails about the stuff we forgot to mention hint, edge. Centurion can also be combined with the interceptor, leviathan, and legionnaire games to create a fully integrated spaceairland battle. The late late show with james corden recommended for you.

Renegade wolverineclass light tank photo by madkalnod. Bumping the to 15, i start out with the rank of centurion. Battletech, renegade legion and centurion, cover art by jeff laubenstein, the renegade legion logo by doug shuler, scanned and combined w ithout permission. The legion is the basic largescale military formation in tog. Download renegade legion torrent or any other torrent from the games other. There is provision for circus imperium but no effort has been spent on this system as yet.

During the battletech writers summit in september, we had a very short talk a sidebar actually about the renegade legion rl universe mostly between randall bills and me. Bumping the to 15, i start out with the rank of centurion maximus. The unique part of the game is the damage system where different types of rounds penetrate the tanks armor differently causing damage indicated by various shapes. An armored warfare battle game based on the renegade legion series from fasa from the battletech 1st ed era.

Download renegade legion torrent or any other torrent from the games. Shop for vinyl, cds and more from renegade legion at the discogs marketplace. Circus imperium is the fifth of the renegade legion board games published by fasa, but unlike the others in the series, this tongueincheek game of chariot racing is played strictly for laughs. A second edition of the game was announced but not published. Renegade is a shiptoship space combat simulation that was among the first games to feature turnbased gameplay combined with realtime simultaneous execution of combat. Renegade legion centurion romulus medium grav armoured personnel carrier 15mm scale roughly 1. Set in the 69th century, the series allowed gamers to play out the battles between the terran overlord government tog, a corrupt galactic empire, and the commonwealth, an alliance of humans and aliens. Download centurion vehicle briefing renegade legion pdf. Download renegade legion torrent or any other torrent from other games. Renegade legion centurion spartius 15mm by dcleyne is licensed under the creative commons attribution noncommercial no derivatives license. The games can currently only be played with human opponents. I have a pile of the centurion plastic tanks and gw epic minis. Based on fasas game of the same name, these custon models were created so that players around the globe can once again enjoy space battles between the terran overlord government and the commonwealth. Unfortuatley this is the fastest server i can afford seeing as its free.

I decide to go with the renegade legion legions, as a combat arms guy. The renegade legion s most popular game was centurion. It looks like everything was in the box, some of the tanks had the ends of their turrets bent or broken off so they were a little short, but all of the miniatures, the counters and markers, the books all. The downward spiral from the series initial ok beginning, has been intensified by the banal writing, lack of a competent editor, confused focus, and wanton borrowing from multiple sources i. Renegade legion centurion grav tanks by michael dolan. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by the miniatures page. I am more interested in the spacefighter game from the same universe, interceptor which is now abandonware and a free pdf download. Renegade legion centurion rulebook platoon acceleration. Download centurion vehicle briefing renegade legion pdf youtube. Its simple to use and is a small download and install. Sep 11, 2011 the renegade legions most popular game was centurion. Centurion is a game of ground warfare set in the renegade legion. All items pertaining to renegade legion are the property of fasa corp. Jun 18, 2017 renegade legion centurion spartius 15mm by dcleyne is licensed under the creative commons attribution noncommercial no derivatives license.

Michael dolans madkalnod renegade legion centurion grav tanks album photobucket uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Playing experience can be poor due to your browser or your computer. During christmas 2011 i was intending to play centurion for the heck of it with a friend of mine during one of our semiannual gaming get togethers. Also included are new optional rules, a campaign generator, and rules for running double blind centurion games. Renegade legion full inventory from noble knight games. Renegade legion had a dedicated following due to the ssi game, and could just as easily be the kickstarter darling that bt just showed itself to be. The renegades a strike legion army list these rules have been written for cincs grav tank miniatures. Grav tanks and infantry squads of the commonwealth and its renegade legion allies fight a desperate struggle against the terran overlord governments attempt to conquer the galaxy. Also available on amiga, time to play a scifi futuristic, turnbased, licensed title and space flight video game title. I remember playing this in parallel with cbt back in the day and i love the tanks. Renegade legion centurion liberator 15mm by dcleyne.

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